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São Paulo, the largest city and most important commercial and financial center of Latin America, is honored to host ICANN's 27th meeting, which will gather leaders and companies of the region and from all around the world, GAC representatives – ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee, ccTLD (country code Top-Level Domains) managers, leaders of different business areas, registrars' and registries' representatives, members of the civil society, Internet service providers (ISP), and groups representing intellectual property interests.

With those meetings, ICANN encourages the wide international participation in the Internet's governance development process with different actors from governmental sectors and the civil society (a multistakeholder approach), gathering participants of more than 80 countries, merging influent leaderships, pioneers, visionaries and governmental authorities. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to establish contact with that selected public of global leaderships.

Another excellent reason for attending ICANN São Paulo is the pleasure to be in Brazil, with its astonishing landscapes and mild temperatures. Being in São Paulo will offer you contact with the best of culture and entertainment, the internationally recognized quality of the local cuisine, its theaters, museums, parks and good shopping opportunities, which only a big city can offer. São Paulo is also the Brazilian aeronautic hub, allowing you to travel and know the most beautiful beaches in the Northeastern region, the Amazonian region with its forest and the largest river of the world, the city of Rio de Janeiro, and the wonderful places of the Southern region – all that easily and at low costs.

The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee and its executive arm, NIC.br, will do anything to make your stay as pleasant as possible, making this a memorable meeting, both for its results and for its hospitality.

We want to note that those meetings are open to everyone interested in global Internet policies, either professionals, members of commercial entities or even common persons interested in that issue. The meetings are free to attend; the only requirement is your registration in the event's site.






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